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Distributor agreement with 12 pharmaceutical companies
Distributor agreement with 12 pharmaceutical companies. We handle a variety of kits and secure price competitiveness.
We are comprised of experts with more than 10 years of working experience in pharmaceutical companies.
Types of diagnostic kitsTypes of diagnostic kits
Precision diagnostic kit
Name of diagnostic methodRT-PCRTest nameGene detection testSample collectionCollected specimen from the nose or mouth
Test subjectsGeneAdvantage97% accuracyWeaknessBiosafety Level 3 (BL3) facilities required / High price
Time for result analysis6 hoursPurposeConfirmed COVID-19 infectionCharacteristicsCurrently used to confirm cases in most countries
Rapid diagnostic kit
Name of diagnostic methodAntibody testTest nameSerum test for immunitySample collectionBlood
Test subjectsAntibodyAdvantageRapid test with result in 10 minutes / Low priceWeaknessLow accuracy at 50-70%
Time for result analysisNot more than 10 minutesPurposeTo confirm community-acquired infection and antibody formationCharacteristicsUsed to rapidly identify those with infection in a wide range
DifferentiationDifferentiation policy
Safety secured by authorized distrubitor.
Low price.
Pharmaceutical company reverse auction method.
Handling of all kits.
Alliance of 12 Pharmaceutical Companies.
procedurePurchasing procedure
1. Inquiry
After checking the e-mail you send us, we contact you for details and clarity of information.
2. Offer
After receiving bids from manufacturers, we provide the best offer to our customer.
3. Signing of contract
We provide service to sign the contract with the selected manufacturer.
4. Payment
Payment must be deposited in the manufacturer’s account.
reviewPurchase review
  • KIM's Purchase review
    I have been ordering from this site ever since the kits made in Korea became difficult to obtain. What a huge satisfaction. This is the only company that can meet the immediate demand of the rapid diagnostic kits.
  • YOON's Purchase review
    The FDA-approved kits were very difficult to order, so thank you for helping us find the right kit with the right amount!
  • LEE's Purchase review
    The order processing managers were very experienced in pharmaceutical networks, which made it easier for us to sign the contracts.
  • KIM's Purchase review
    While it was fabulous to see that our ordered kit quantity was met, our buyers from overseas love the product because of such low price.
  • CHOI's Purchase review
    Although it has become increasingly more difficult to match the order quantity than price, they give us what we ask for every time. Contract signed with confidence!
PurchasePurchase consultation application
I promise you an accurate and kind consultation.
We promise accurate and professional counseling for those with more than 10 years of experience in pharmaceutical companies.

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24 Hour
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